Go Deep or go Home!

I had heard a few times that the western Lough’s can fish well at the end of the season to daphnia feeding fish in the deeps. There can also be a chance of dry fly fishing with sedges and daddies.

With this in mind I contacted my pal and Corrib boatman Tom Doc Sullivan to see if a trip would be worthwhile. Tom really knows his stuff and he told me to make the journey. However I wouldn’t be fishing any of the drifts I had fished on previous trips. It seemed like – go deep or go home!

I was joined by my mate Dave who has also fished the lake before but never at this time of year. Preparation had gone well and I was armed with a Mackenzie FX1 10ft #6 and #7wt. Tom had recommended tying up some bright daphnia patterns to pull on an Airflo Fast Intermediate line. As usual he was spot on.

We didn’t know what to expect but followed Tom’s advice and with good conditions we had great sport catching beautiful wild Irish trout in a fantastic location. 24 trout landed in 2.5days fishing is awesome.

We learned a lot about fishing the lake at this time of year and it was brilliant to have several nice trout take our dry flies.

There is still a month left and the great thing was there wasn’t as many boats out compared to mayfly time. The weather was much milder than some of our early season duckfly and olive fishing trips too.

We will definitely be contacting Tom around this time next year and if prospects are good we will be back.

The ONE!

Received two new outfits to try out from Pat at Premier Angling Supplies.  So it was over to Ardaire Springs yesterday to see how they would go.  I was joined by my pals Mick and Kuba.  The rods were 10ft Sage One in 5wt and 7wt.  I set up the 5wt with a full floater and some buzzers and the 7wt with a lure.  I started in front of the hut with the 5wt.  It is a seriously impressive item of tackle and almost immediately I was into a nice rainbow.

5wt one

I really liked this rod as a buzzer/dry fly rod.  Catching a few more bows on it helped too.

5wt one 2

I was chatting with Kuba about his switch rod when Mick hit into a nice fish on lures.  It put up a great battle.

mick 1

It was a decent rainbow, typical of this fishery.

mick 2

I decided to try the 7wt sage one with a DI 5 sinking line.  This was awesome for casting big flies big distances.  It had lots of power and I was really able to control the fish I hooked.

7wt one

7wt one 2

The fishing wasn’t easy but we did pull a share of nice trout and Kuba finished off the day with one on a bloodworm.


I think Sage got the name of this rod just right, the 7wt is the One for lure fishing and the 5wt is the One for dries/buzzers.