Match the Hatch – Forthcoming Course November 29th

Match the Hatch – Small Stillwater Course

In this intensive one day course learn how to:
•Fish imitative flies with success
•Insect / invertebrate Identification
•Select flies to match the trout’s diet
•Sample the insects from your local water

This increasingly popular one day course will be held on Sunday, 29th November 2015 at Courtlough Fishery, Balbriggan, Dublin (

Time: 10.00 to 16.00 – lunch included
Price: €90

The course will comprise:
 Phase 1: (Classroom) Slides and images as an introduction to small still water entomology. Demonstration of live food items present in the lake.

Getting prepared in the seminar room.

A summary of the various life cycles (including fry) and the sequence of insect hatches throughout the season.

DSC07877s DSC07865s

 Phase 2: (Classroom) Going through the fly boxes and tying in the imitations with the natural animals. Emphasis will be placed on how the insects (aquatic and terrestrial) , crustaceans / snails move and how the flies move in the water and at what depth


 Phase3: A review of various lake shore habitats along the margins of the lake and insect collection


 Phase 4: Angling approaches, gear, display of still water tackle, techniques and set ups


 Phase 5: Fishing – testing out your newly acquired techniques and skills. One to one shoreline question and answer sessions.


To Book, contact either Ken, Jason or Garrett at Courtlough (see above) : or
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