Silver September


I took a small break from guiding and blogging due to a family bereavement but got back into the swing of things towards the end of this month.  With still no water in the river and Brian from Tyrone coming for a weeks fishing things didn’t look great on the salmon front.  Maurice and Mike, also from Tyrone had some nice salmon the week before on natural bait but it was still tough fishing, even in the tidal beats.  Luckily, Brian has really taken to bass fishing so it he didn’t mind about the salmon.  I also spent a bass fishing session with Paul from the UK who was staying locally and hopes to come back around the same time next year.  I am lucky to have such a variety of excellent options on my doorstep.

Waterford Coastal Mark

Route to a Waterford Coastal Mark

Brian is a big fan of fishing surface lures for bass so I organised a few sessions over likely ground.  He was really enjoying the pleasant weather and the fishing turned out “better than expected” which was a real bonus.


The best fish Brian had for six days was an excellently conditioned bass of about 8lbs.  This fish alone made the trip worthwhile for Brian.


On his best session Brian landed 5 bass to 6lbs.


Releasing a Waterford Bass

Local angler/fishing photographer Kuba joined us on one of our sessions and he had a nice bass of about 4.5lbs.

Another nice fish

Another nice fish

Overall this set of spring tides fished well and I adopted a targeted and selective approach to our fishing sessions rather than flogging lures for hours on end.  The guys seemed to appreciate this as they were still a little tired even after these shorter sessions.  Although “bulging” surface lures seemed the most effective method, we still had fish on shallow divers and on soft plastics.  I had a lovely fish when showing the guys how I fish one particular mark with a weightless weedless paddle tail.

Revive and release

Revive and release

Brian landed a total of 11 bass for his 6 days.  He must have really enjoyed himself because he is talking about returning around the end of October or early November for one last throw!