The Prince Shrimp

Prince Shrimp

Prince Shrimp

Black flies such as the Stoats Tail, Black Bear Green Butt and Black Shrimp all work very well on the Munster Blackwater river.    I devised the Prince Shrimp a while back when the only fly working in low clear water was the Black Shrimp.    The Prince Shrimp also has a tail of black golden pheasant.


It has a glow bright lime green tag and some very dark claret boar bristles in the tail.  The rear body is black floss ribbed with oval silver.  The mid hackle is dyed red badger.


The Prince Shrimp has a front body of UV Neon Silver straggle.  The roof is a pair of dyed red jungle cock feathers.  The fly is finished with a front hackle of cream badger.