Duckfly Preparations

As a new trout season approaches it is time for me to prepare for an annual trip to Lough Corrib in late March.  All this stormy weather every weekend means there is little else to do but tie flies and dream of some proper wild lough trout fishing! Last season it was absolutely freezing for the time of year and no flies hatched.  Our most successful method was a team of wet flies fished on a fast intermediate line.

2013-03-23 16.35.16

We also picked up a fish or two in sheltered bays on epoxy buzzers and shrimp patterns.  BUT this year, hopefully, things will be better.  Milder weather, a hatch of fly etc.  So I have already started tying up a few flies to try.  Some wets, dabblers and these small bumbles:


I wouldn’t be happy lake fishing without a selection of buzzers.  It is worth having some light ones to fish on the top dropper and heavier ones for the point:



I may also need some emergers and dries if fish are moving at the surface.