Fishing with Luke

As the day seemed fairly pleasant I took Luke fishing over at Ardaire Springs for a few hours.  There were one or two rods fishing when we arrived but nobody seemed to be catching much.  I set up Luke’s 7ft rod with a bloodworm and my own 10ft Hardy 6wt with a buzzer.  First cast and Luke was into a fish!!!


A few pointers on this technique and within minutes he was in again . . . a bigger fish too!


He was getting too good at this technique for my liking . . . I couldn’t get a cast in and he was nabbing all the quality fish!


A few more fish and cunningly, I suggested he might like some soup and sambos!!  After the food I finally managed to get a few casts in with the buzzer and nailed a few fish.  I think Luke was better at catching than cameraman though.