Wet n Wild at Ardaire Springs

I fished Ardaire Springs yesterday.  The morning started off reasonably OK weather-wise and I had quite a few good rainbow trout on black worm and buzzers.  There were some good fish moving.  Then the weather started to seriously deteriorate and the fishing got tougher. I had a few more on the buzzer including this cracker pictured below.

One on a buzzer with the 4wt

One on a buzzer with the 4wt

The fishing got tougher as the weather turned really nasty with strong very cold winds and pouring rain. No one was catching much so I switched to dabblers on a Di3.  It was tough going but I managed a few more fish including this Big Fry Feeder.  It spat up a fry when I landed it.

Check out the stickleback I laid on the side of this fish!

Check out the stickleback I laid on the side of this fish!

The awful weather continued until late in the evening when it eventually cleared.  A few fish started moving around the lake and everyone seemed to be hooking a fish or two.  I decided to try a DI5 and a Minkie for the fry feeders in the hope of landing one more of the big trout.  I had quite a few takes and follows bringing my total for the day to around 30 bows and just one brown.  I finished off with this Belter just before the light faded away.

Last but not least.

Last but not least.

Overall it was really good fishing considering the conditions that were, at times, fairly brutal.  It was very enjoyable to also catch a few large fish during the day.  Unfortunately I did not chance taking the digital camera with me in the pouring rain so was only able to get the images above on my mobile phone.

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