Smashing Seatrout

Over the past few weeks I have been (quietly) targeting seatrout on fly at night with some of my clients. Here’s a cracking photo of a few seatrout in the river during the day, taken by my friend Kuba.

Seatrout in the clear water.

Seatrout in the clear water.

Conditions were ideal from the point of view of low water and warm humid nights.  Although the nights have turned cooler of late the smashing fishing has continued with clients catching 10 or more seatrout to their rod at night and losing many more.  In fact one night last week I had 2 clients from Clonmel hook over 30 seatrout in a few hours.


A nice seatrout caught by Mike from Clonmel.

Admittedly most of the fish were not big by usual standards here but the guys were simply raving about the sport they had on light weight 7ft and 8ft rods.  They were very sporting and only kept 3 fish for the table releasing all the rest.  Successful flies recently have been Butcher, Peter Ross and J’s Wake Lure.


Breakfast for the Clonmel lads.