Slugs and Minnows for bass

With the bright sunshine and crystal clear water bass anglers have been successfully targeting fish during the day at low tide in deep estuarine channels with weighted soft plastics.  Undoubtedly the number one choice has been the reliable Fiish Minnow.

What is it about this thing?  I don’t know exactly but it has become a proven fish catcher around here.

A Dungarvan bass caught on a Fiish Minnow

A Dungarvan bass caught on a Fiish Minnow

The other lure that has really taken off the last few weeks is the Savage Gear Sandeel Slug.  This thing is now catching a lot of fish.

It is very reasonably priced and the Darting Jig Hooks that you use with them have really impressed me.  Simple and effective.  I really like the built-in metal pin to keep the Slug nice and straight.  If you haven’t used these jigs yet check them out!!!